Commercial Stands


We welcome all old and new visitors, exhibitors, members and vendors at our annual event and we have provided the forms to fill in and submit to us for registration purposes. Please select from the options below - we have provided an online fill in form as well as a downloadable form for fax or email purposes.

Cost for the Commercial Stands


R 4,500.00

3000 X 6000 MM


R 9,000.00

6000 X 6000 MM


R 20,000.00

10000 X 5000 MM


R 25,000.00

10000 X 12000 MM


R 9,000.00

4000 X 8000 MM

Requirements of Commercial Stand Exhibitors

1. At own expense, obtain all permits, give all necessary notices, pay all license fees and comply with all municipal by laws and national laws, rules, ordinances and regulations, relating to public health or applicable to the business carried out under this agreement and will also assume complete and sole liability for the services carried out by the vendor.
2. Comply with applicable laws pertaining to The Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the Labour Relations Act, the Employment Equity Act, and any other applicable acts and regulations as required.
3. Conduct any marketing and sales in a professional manner so as not to impact on any competing brand or make of vehicle or accessory.  

Rules and Conditions

1. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to the race track if the full amount payable has not been settled. Please have proof of payment at hand.
2. Please ensure that your exhibit is in the correct designated area provided to prevent unnecessary re-setup on the day. You will be moved to the correct allocated spot and a fine of R1000,00 will be payable.
3. The gates are open from 05h30 for exhibitors. All cars/exhibitors should be completely set-up by 07h00 on Sunday 31 July 2022.
4. A map showing the layout of the race track and available areas will be sent to you on request. You can view the space by making appointment with Frik Kraamwinkel at 082 444 295 any weekday between 08h00 - 16h00.
5. No disorderly conduct will be tolerated, and such individuals will be removed from the premises immediately.
6. No alcohol consumption is allowed by exhibitioners within the exhibition area.
7. Coordinators of Cars in the Park nor any other person affiliated with the event will be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged property of whatever cause during the exhibition.
8. Advertising and display material remain the sole responsibility of the exhibitioner. All such material should be displayed only within the designated area.
9. Should power be required, the nearest point will be identified. However, power from the point to your designated area will remain the exhibitionists responsibility. No cables are allowed to be placed or taped to the floor or walking surfaces to ensure public safety.
10. Exhibition areas are allocated to specific companies and or individuals. These areas may not be shared.
11. All exhibits should be cleared / evacuated from the Zwartkops Race Track by 20h00 on 1 August 2022.
12. For facts, attendance figures, photos and visuals, please visit our Webpage: or our Face Book page:

Please direct all enquiries to: Frik Kraamwinkel © 082 444 2954

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